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Original Art - MELTDOWN MELTDOWN Original Art
Pen and ink / 11x17 / $30 - 50

Now available to purchase: original artwork from the acclaimed Image series!

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Meltdown - Graphic Novel - Cover MELTDOWN graphic novel
154 pgs / Color / $15.00

Collects the entire series and loaded with extra features including sketchbook, pinups, and creator commentary.

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Sean Wang - Sketchbook 2006 - Cover Sketchbook 2006
24 pgs / B&W / $8.00

Limited quantities available. Collects a variety of doodles, concept designs, and character studies.

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Runners - Trade Paperback 01 - Bad Goods - Cover Runners: Bad Goods Trade Paperback
168 pgs / B&W / $15.00

Collects all five issues of the first story arc, with extra features including ten pages of sketchbook and the original short story.

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Runners - Bad Goods 1 - Cover


Runners: Bad Goods #1
24 pgs / B&W / $3.00

Premiere issue! Roka and his crew of smugglers must fight off a band of mercenary pirates intent on stealing their cargo.
Runners - FCBD 2005 - Cover Runners: Bad Goods #1 REMASTERED
Free Comic Book Day 2005

32 pgs / B&W / $0.01 with any purchase!

Reprinting issue #1 with new lettering and enhanced artwork. Available for just $0.01 with any Runners purchase.

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Runners - Bad Goods 2 - Cover Runners: Bad Goods #2
32 pgs / B&W / $3.00

The runners make a pit stop at an old secret base, where an intruder awaits with grim news. And a loaded gun.

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Runners - Bad Goods 3 - Cover


Runners: Bad Goods #3
32 pgs / B&W / $3.00

Escaping a bounty hunter ambush, the crew seeks refuge in an alien space station, where even greater danger awaits them!
Runners - Bad Goods 4 - Cover Runners: Bad Goods #4
32 pgs / B&W / $3.00

All hell breaks loose! The crew gets caught in a three-way shootout and takes on Hamron's crew in ship-to-ship combat.

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Runners - Bad Goods 5 - Cover Runners: Bad Goods #5
24 pgs / B&W / $3.00

The action-packed conclusion to the first story arc! The runners scramble to regroup and escape from the alien city station.

Signed or unsigned?

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