Series Introduction

Between the pockets of unified space and allied systems lie the open expanses collectively known as Roguespace. Unpatrolled by interplanetary authorities, these wild frontier sectors are home to all those who exist outside the system and operate outside the law...

Runners, the new sci-fi series by Tick and Arthur writer/artist Sean Wang, chronicles the misadventures of a group of alien smugglers who operate in a sector of space where outlaws run wild. Described as "part Star Wars, part Smokey and the Bandit," the series mixes humor, action and drama as reluctant smuggler Roka Nostaco and his crew try to successfully complete their runs while hounded on all sides by pirates, bounty hunters, police and the occasional conscience.

The Issues

Runners: Bad Goods, the 5-issue first story arc, introduces the cast of alien smugglers as they struggle to complete a particularly dangerous run for the mob. Their adventure takes them from a shootout with pirates to a secret base in an abandoned asteroid mine to a ship-to-ship dogfight with ruthless bounty hunters. And it culminates in a frantic chase, trapped within a huge alien space station! All the while, they also have to contend with a vengeful mercenary, a ghost from the past and a mysterious alien girl lying unconscious on their cargo bay floor!

Trade Paperback 1
Bad Goods

Collects all five issues of the first story arc, with extra features including ten pages of sketchbook and the original short story.

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Issue #1
Bad Goods 1 of 5

Premiere issue! Roka and his crew of smugglers must fight off a band of mercenary pirates intent on stealing their cargo.

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Issue #1 Remastered
Free Comic Book Day 2005

This FCBD issue is a reprinting of issue #1 with new lettering and enhanced artwork and is $0.01 with any Runners purchase.

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Issue #2
Bad Goods 2 of 5

The runners make a pit stop at an old secret base, where an intruder awaits with grim news. And a loaded gun.

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Issue #3
Bad Goods 3 of 5

Escaping a bounty hunter ambush, the crew seeks refuge in an alien space station, where even greater danger awaits them!

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Issue #4
Bad Goods 4 of 5

All hell breaks loose! The crew gets caught in a three-way shootout and takes on Hamron's crew in ship-to-ship combat.

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Issue #5
Bad Goods 5 of 5

The action-packed conclusion to the first story arc! The runners scramble to regroup and escape from the alien city station.

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